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Independence with Support - Helping You Live Life on Your Terms

We believe in fostering independence while providing the necessary support to enable individuals to thrive in their homes. Our DDA Licensed Supported Living Services create a personalized and empowering environment that aligns with each individual’s preferences and needs.

Our Supported Living Services include:

Assistance in the Participant’s Own Home

Our dedicated staff members work with individuals in their own houses or apartment, providing support and assistance that enhance comfort and independence.

Community-Based Activities

We facilitate engagement with community-based activities of the individual’s choosing within their resources. By supporting participation in local events, hobbies, and interests, we promote social integration and personal fulfillment.

Support with Personal Care (Activities of Daily Living)

Personal care is essential to well-being, and our team provides respectful assistance with daily living activities. Whether grooming, dressing, or other personal tasks, we help while honoring the individual’s autonomy.

Transportation, Medication, and Healthcare Case Management

We manage and coordinate transportation needs, medication administration, and healthcare requirements. This comprehensive approach ensures seamless access to essential services and supports overall health.

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