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Your Home, Our Care - Creating Comfortable and Supportive Living Environments

Multi-Dimensions Resources Inc. is dedicated to creating a fulfilling, secure, and inclusive living experience for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Our premiere community-based Alternative Living Units (ALU) in a Group Home setting offer a nurturing, family-like environment where individuals can thrive.

Our Residential services provide:

Family-Like Environment

Our residences are designed to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere with structured staffing patterns. Here, residents feel at home, build relationships, and enjoy a sense of community.

Nutritious Meals of Their Choosing

We understand the importance of nutrition and personal preference. Residents participate in meal planning and preparation, selecting nourishing foods they enjoy.

Supports with Personal Care and Socialization

We offer comprehensive support for daily personal care tasks, fostering independence and self-confidence. Our staff also encourages active socialization among peers, family, staff, and other natural supports, promoting a connected and engaging social life.

Assistance with Laundry and Housekeeping/Chores

Daily living chores are managed with assistance from our dedicated team, ensuring that residents can focus on activities and interests they enjoy.

Transportation, Medication, and Healthcare Case Management

Our comprehensive services include safe and reliable transportation, medication management, and personalized healthcare case management. These support overall well-being and ensure seamless coordination of essential needs.

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